Westex are a UK manufacturer of a wide range of top class carpets. Based in West Yorkshire, they provide an extensive product range with some of their designs having up to 120 colour choices. All of the carpets that Westex supply are made from either 100% wool or a wool and nylon blend to give both luxurious look and feel to your new flooring. Whether you decide to go for one of the selections from their Westend Velvet range or maybe one of their Ultima Twist items, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with your final choice.

Apart from the excellent quality of their carpets, there are a number of other features that makes Westex a good option to go for. The products available are all manufactured in the UK meaning they have to meet the high standards required. As well as this, every carpet is treated with Stain Resist to keep it cleaner for longer and also treated to keep insects such as mites and moths at bay. For these reasons they are a good choice for all areas of your home and give a superior and more durable quality.